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Ewok Village

I bought an incomplete vintage Ewok Village from a friend of mine. This was one of the few Star Wars playsets I never had as a kid. This custom playset is actually just repaint job.

The first thing I painted was the detail of the missing bark, mold, ferns, and rocks located on the trees. When painting the areas where the bark was missing I painted a heavy coat of orange, let it get almost dry, and the wiped off the paint with a rag; which left paint in all the cracks. Next I gave all the huts a wash in water downed brown. This gave the huts a sorta "mud" look. Finally, I gave all the parts a wash in water downed black, to give the playset an "aged" look.
fern and rock details
fern, rock, and missing bark details

hut detail

floor detail

village detail with "The Village People"!