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FX X-Wing Fighter
aka - the "not so FX" X-Wing
side view of ship, notice the "kill marks" from Eric Schroeder's web site
Here are just a few close up pics of my customize FX X-Wing. The bad thing about this custom is that I did it so long ago, that I cannot remember all the little details involved in making it. I know that I bought one FX X-Wing for the sole purpose of customizing. I wanted an X-Wing that could seat a pilot and an astromech droid.
From what I can remember off the top of my head, here is how I made my custom X-Wing. First I took the ship apart. Then took out all of the electronics.  I have seen people leave the electronics in but it just wasn't that important to me. So there are actually no "FX".  I, then, removed the Luke and R2.
If memory serves me correct, there is a grey plastic box that serves as the housing for the gears that move the wings. There is a flange or lip that sticks out toward the front of the ship. In order for an R2 figure to fit in the socket this flange had to be cut. This did not affect how the wings works. Next I took an R2 figure and stood it over the droid socket to mark where I would need to cut for the feet to fit. Then, I cut out the opening. To make the R2 figure fit in the socket, you actually have to put him in at an angle, and then position him. To put the R2 unit at the right heighth while standing in the socket, I had to make a platform for him to stand on. I used some sort of air drying modeling clay, which actually feels like styrofoam when dry.
Next I worked on the cockpit. In order for a figure to sit in the opening I had to remove the battery compartment. Don't worry the battery compartment cover will hide all the work you are doing. Once I had dremelled away the battery compartment, I filed down the sides of the cockpit to compensate for the figure's arms. Then with the same air drying modeling clay I filled in the back set of the cockpit.
I tried to make the targeting computer work, but the arm that controls the targeting computer goes right through the area where the droid socket is. So if you want to have a removable droid, you will have to sacrifice the use of the targeting computer.
From what I have seen lately, though, it looks as if Hasbro is going to make a vehicle like this custom.

Biggs Darklighter
Wedge Antilles
Luke Skywalker