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X-Wing Luke Skywalker
X-wing Luke is made from Biggs Darklighter body, Ceremonial Luke head, and a Porkins helmet. I boil and popped the heads. I then trimmed down the neck on the Ceremonial Luke head (its a bit too long), and glued it in place. I painted the cylinder things on his sleeve silver and painted the straps on his pelvis and chest white. If you plan on doing this custom before the POTJ X-wing Luke is available I suggest either using the body of Wedge from the Rebel Pilot 3pk or do not paint the straps white. Painting the straps takes away from the detail of the sculpt.

The main piece to this custom is of course the helmet. I painted the helmet white, with the exception of the mic and chin strap. I dipped toothpicks in paint to make the fine lines. This method is not as exact as what Hasbro does (LOL) but it turned out fine none the less. For the decals I printed off the sticker sheet from Erik Schroeder's web site, and glued them to helmet. I then gave the helmet a wash in thinned out tan and dry brushed some silver to give it a worn look. I finished it off with Testor's dull coat.