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Hem Dazon
Hem Dazon was made from a Tusken Raide body and Momaw Nadon head. I cut the "hammer head" away from the "neck" of the Momaw Nadon figure. I added sculpey to the face to make the mouth. Once the sculpey cured I painted the head brown and the eyes yellow. I cut the robe of the Tusken Raider off at the belt and glued the "skirt" to the body. I then used sculpty to make the top to look like a robe or long tunic. Once the sculpey cured I painted the chest of the figure tan to match the rest of the outfit. I then glued the head to the body.

Hem Dazon was actually a head on a stick, so what the body looks like depends on the customizer. I think the Star Wars Encyclopedia describes him as a snake body with no arms or legs; but I just couldn't go for that