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Tonnika Twins
The Tonnika Twins were made from two Princess Leias from the Princess Leia collection 2pk with R2-D2. I followed the same process with each figure, so only one description will be made. The only reall differences is in the color scheme. Also the figure to the left's hair is a little taller, and her belt hangs down just a bit.

I first cut off the hair from Leia. I then made the collar that goes around the neck out of black sculpey. Once cured, I painted the details on it. Next I made the hair out of thin "snakes" of black sculpey. I just wrapped it around their heads. Once the hair was sorta like I wanted it; I took a sharp needle and made little scratches all in the hair to look like it was braided. Then I made the wrist bands, belts and garters out of black sculpey. Then I cured the sculpey by boiling the figures. Once cured I painted the figures. You will notice that I painted the lips and eyes to match their outfits.

reference photos