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Bespin Luke Skywalker
Luke is made from a Bespin Luke head, chest, pelvis, legs and forearms; comtech Han legs; and Grinch arms.

All parts figures were boiled and popped. I cut the stems off the Bespin Luke arms & Grinch arms and glued the stems from the Bespin Luke to the Grinch arms. I also cut both the Grinch and Bespin Luke arms off at the forearms; and glued the Bespin Luke forearms to the Grinch arms. The left forearms was glued slightly at an angle so it is in the right position to hold the saber w/ both hands. I also cut the pockets off the Bespin Luke arms and glued them to the grinch arms. I used sculpey to blend all the pieces together.

With the right leg I cut in kind of an "L" shape, so as to leave the thigh pocket and holster strap. I cut the comtech Han legs to fit the Bespin Luke legs, glued together and used sculpey to smooth out the joint. With the left, I simply cut off the Bespin Luke leg just under the thigh pocket, and glued the comtech Han leg in place; again using sculpey to smooth out the joint. I cut just above the Bespin Luke boots, where the pants leg sort of folds over the boot. I glued them to the comtech Han legs and used sculpey to build up the area below the knee.

Once the sculpey cured I painted the arm and legs khaki brown and painted the belt and holster dark brown. I dremeled a small hole in the belt so that the lightsaber hilt that comes with POTF Ben Kenobi would fit. Now I have a Bespin Luke that is articulated at the arms, elbows, and knees. I finished him off with a coat of Testor's dull coat.