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Bespin Leia
I got two Hoth Leias from Warstar in Nebraska for a sweet deal (thanks man!). I was customizing one into a Bespin Escape Leia and left it in the oven too long and it melted everywhere. So I no longer cook sculpey; I boil it (try it - I am not joking). So I took the second Hoth Leia (I already had one I bought from the FC so this was my third Leia, only 2nd to customize; if you are following closely). I trimmed down the boots and just added sculpey over them to make them look like pants. I then cut off the gloves and and glued on the hands from Endor Leia (PLC). I shaved off the braid of her hair. I then took the braid from the Bespin Leia (PLC) and glued in on the Hoth Leia head and painted her hair brown. You will need to shave the back of her head flush to get it to glue right.