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Bespin Wing Guard
This Bespin Wing Guard was made from POTJ Bespin Guard and a Mace Windu head. I cut off the Bespin Guard's head, and pushed the neck pin into the body. I have heard from people on the custom list serv, that if you try to boil and pop the head, that the turtle neck will break to pieces. So, I did not even want to risk it. I then boiled and popped Mace's head. I cut off the mushroom on the neck stem, and trimmed the neck up, so that when I glued the head in place, the neck would look normal.

Once the head was glued, I then glued the hat to the head. The hat is too big for Mace's head, so I decided just to glue it. I then painted the hands to match Mace's skin tone. The hands are just a shade too dark, but I decided to it would work.

reference photo