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These were simple repaints. Starting at the left with Teebo, I gave him a wash with some thinned black paint.

The vintage Cheif Chirpa was given a grey wash, with his hood in a darker brown. His staff was washed with black.

The next figure is a Wicket I washed with a thinned down dark-brown. I gave him a quiver from a vintage Ewok, and had to trim his hood so the quiver strap would fit. The quiver was painted with a black wash and the hood with a brown wash.

The last figure at the right is another Wicket I painted with black and grey stripes, and then I gave him a brown wash. The hood is from a vintage Paploo, painted with a brown wash. I trimmed the hood on the area above where the arms go, and then heated the hood with a blow dryer so it would conform to the shape of Wicket's head. I glued the inside of the hood before putting it on so it molds to his head and is permanent. His spear was given a black wash.