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Attichitcuk is Chewbacca's father from the Star Wars Holiday Special. Although this piece of Star Wars history is way corny, I particularly like the Wookie family and decided to make custom figures of them. So I started with "Itchy".

Itchy is made from a Chewie as Boushh's bounty head; Grinch chest, pelvis, and thighs; POTJ Chewie arms, knees & calves. I boiled and popped all figures. I had to cut the arm pegs off the Grinch and Chewie arms and glue the Grinch pegs to the Chewie arms. I cut the arms at the elbows and opened them up some so the bend was not so tight. I filled in the gap with milliput. This gives him more of a "hands on the hips" look, than the POTJ Chewie.

I cut the Grinch legs off above the knees and the same with Chewie. I then glued the Chewie knees/calves to the Grinch thighs, then blended the pieces with sculpey. I used milliput to fill in the gap in Chewies fur on his head, where the chain comes through. I then used sculpey to form the mouth. Itchy has an extreme underbite giving him an almost baboon look. Once the sculpey cured, I glued all the parts together (all articulation DOES work). Then I painted the figure white. I painted grey around the eyes and mouth. Once dry I gave the entire figure a wash with thinned out grey. I finished it off with a coat of Testor's dull coat

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