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Custom TIE Fighter
I have always been disappointed at the appearance of the TIE Fighter's cockpit; so I decided to customize my TIE Fighter by adding the cockpit from Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. Let me warn anyone, who may want to attempt this custom: YOU WILL HAVE TO TOTALLY "GUT" THE INSIDE OF THE TIE FIGHTER. This was one custom I almost gave up on.

First thing I did was take the TIE fighter apart. Next with a dremel I grinded away EVERY thing that is inside the "bubble" cockpit. Understand I left the insides of the "arms" intact so the wings still "explode". I then took apart the Darth Vader TIE Fighter and took out the cockpit. I was lucky enough to find a second one at TRU for $5. Then came the chore of figuring out how to cut the Vaders cockpit seat so that it would fit in the "gutted" TIE fighter. Once the pieces were cut I glued them in place using epoxy glue. Then I glued the two halfs of the TIE Fighter together using the epoxy glue. Once dried I inserted the wings.

View of targeting computer

Inside cockpit with TIE pilot

Inside of cockpit. Notice how the pieces had to be cut to fit properly