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Y - Wing Pilot (Grey 3)

This Y-Wing Pilot is made from the Y-Wing Pilot from the 3-pack, and a GIJoe "Law & Order" head. It was the only other head I could find big enough for the helmet to fit right. I first removed the Y-Wing Pilot head by the boil and pop method. Then I painted all the red areas of the flight suit light grey. Once the paint dried, I painted several coats of Testor's dull coat over the figure. I then painted the helmet white. With a pencil I drew the "Batman symbol" on the chin of the helmet. Then I went over the pencil with a ball point pen. Finally, I drybrushed some silver/chrome paint to make the helmet look worn and used. I am really suprised Hasbro has not corrected the color error they made with this figure.

reference photo