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Alien Rebel Pilots

Both of these Rebel pilots were made from left over Porkins bodies, and other left over parts. The Tien Numb head with its big jowls just looked right for the big Porkins body. I also had a Greedo left over for spare parts, so I used the Greedo head, and cut the arms off at the forearms, and cut Porkin's gloves off; glued Greedo's arms to Porkins and blended the pieces together using sculpey. I painted the arms orange to match the body. I painted the straps on Tien Numb white, but this took away from the detail, so I decided not to paint the straps on Greedo. I don't think I could ever make a helmet fit Greedo's head, but I am working on making an X-wing helmet fit Tien Numb.